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Thinkers Bonkers presents ‘The Science Journey’ for primary students.

8 weeks of Science Workshops per school term at Castle Hill.

We explore different themes throughout the year.

Term 4 starts on 26 October 2019 !

A structured Science enrichment programme for primary kids to develop a ‘scientific temper’.

The only entry requirement is to be a good reader!

(minimum Reading Level of 25 for Hi Science!)

We don’t prepare you for Naplan, OC or Selective. But we help you develop the much-needed thinking and process skills and attitudes necessary for life through the ‘language’ of Science.


Inspiring Inquiring Minds for Tomorrow!


To be a playground of learning where children journey together to build on their natural curiosity and prior knowledge

To provide children a platter of experiences that help build a repertoire of skills, habits of mind and attitudes for optimal learning

About us

Thinkers Bonkers is the brainchild of Singapore trained teacher, Malar Oly, who seeks to provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) enrichment programmes to primary school children. She has first forayed into the Science arena. Not interested in Bang – Boom Science demonstrations which hardly offer children anything more than a high adrenalin rush, she has carefully crafted a series of guided, but fun filled lessons that hinge on Inquiry to give not just a flavour of Science but a firm foundation in Scientific Literacy as well.


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